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Aug 4 2020

Masked Challenges for People who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Christine Anthony, a cochlear implant recipient from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, recently found herself almost in tears after a lunch outing with her mom and daughter.

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How Infants Learn Language: Part II

What is infant-direct speech (IDS)? It’s a method of language development that uses simpler words, repetition, a higher range of pitch and slower rate of speaking to help a child learn to speak.

AG Bell’s Internship Experience

Every summer, AG Bell welcomes four interns to work alongside its staff to experience how a nonprofit works, to learn about the AG Bell community, and to provide support for its functions and events.

A Global Virtual Learning Experience

Nearly 900 people from 40 countries representing all six inhabited continents participated in the AG Bell Global Virtual Listening and Spoken Language Symposium, July 9-10. Attendees came together in a virtual learning environment to hear from leaders in the field of listening and spoken language through a variety of online learning formats.

Graduating During a Pandemic

Recent graduates who are deaf and hard of hearing have faced unique challenges as members of the Class of 2020 during COVID-19. High school and college seniors have missed out on traditions they’ve looked forward to and earned, including graduation.

Volta Voices Goes Digital

Welcome to the new, faster, mightier, digitized Volta Voices! Our online format will only differ in platform and presentation from our retired print version, but we will continue to bring you high-quality reporting and writing from our award-winning team.

Scholarships Change Lives

Over the years, AG Bell has helped college students like Daniel in many ways, including learning how to communicate with roommates, asking professors to use microphones, and seeking accommodations that enabled them to succeed.

The Power of Giving to Families

When you make a gift to AG Bell, you are giving families the resources they need. And you are strengthening the ability of teachers, hearing and speech therapists and audiologists to help those babies learn to hear and talk.

Give a Life Without Limits

Lauren and Johannes were surprised when they discovered their brand-new baby daughter could not hear. No one in their family had hearing loss and Lauren says that Rophe was the first person she ever met who was deaf.

Ready to Change the Future?

Since 1996, a group of very special adults who are deaf and hard of hearing have shared their life experiences to help teenagers with hearing loss learn to lead and to speak up for themselves and others.

Finding Vivienne’s Voice

If you would have asked me what my journey into motherhood looked like years ago, I would have never guessed it would look the way that it does now.

Sounding Out Public Places: Part I

For Gregory Scott, trying to date with hearing loss required preparation ahead of time. “It was important to find quieter venues so I could better connect with my dates,” he says.

The Sounds of Success

Darren Toh was considered lower than 0.1 percentile for speech and development. When he finally learned to speak, he soared—with an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Empowering Teens For Success

Five days. One hundred and twenty hours. And twenty high school teenagers who are deaf and hard of hearing from around the world join together for a jam packed week and leave with lifelong friendships.

Aiming High

I lost my hearing progressively from early childhood. I went through school and University with a severe hearing loss and learnt to rely on lip-reading.

Lessons from College

The college process has begun, only this time I’m on the other side. Looking at colleges with my daughter – a high school junior – has made me nostalgic. I envy her; today’s college experience is nothing like it was decades ago – which is a good thing!

AG Bell Cradle to Career Blog

Welcome to the new AG Bell Cradle to Career blog, an online community for parents and caregivers of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. This is a place for families to come together from around the world to share stories.