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Apr 5 2021

Summer Activities for Kids Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing During COVID Redux

Last year, summer plans were uprooted due to the pandemic. This summer, things are gradually inching closer to normal. There are summer camp options both in person and virtually, and all are accessible for kids with hearing loss.

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My Auditory-Verbal Journey

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The Rumah Siput Indonesia (RSI) Foundation was founded in 1999 by parents whose children received cochlear implants and received auditory-verbal therapy (AVT) abroad in Australia, USA, and Singapore.

LSL Pandemic Challenges in Latin America

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It’s been a challenging year for parents, educators and children as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced them from their brick-and-mortar schools into full-time virtual learning. Nearly a year into the first shutdowns, many children have yet to return to the classroom.

Making Goals

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Luke Chrzan has been playing hockey since he was 6 years old. Now 16, the New Jersey Titans goalie has dreams of playing in college and one day, the Deaf Olympics.

AG Bell Student Earns Marshall Scholarship

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AG Bell congratulates Caroline Yuk, who has been mentored by Dr. Tilak Ratnanather who leads AG Bell’s STEMM-HEAR initiative, on her award of the Marshall Scholarship. Caroline is a senior at the University of Alabama who will study neuroscience at the University of Oxford and audiology science at University College London next year.

Checking in on School During the Pandemic

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Back in August, Tina Morris made the difficult decision to send her son Karsen—who is deaf and wears cochlear implants—to brick and mortar school because his needs were more likely to be met. Unfortunately, after only a few weeks of school, the Morrises had to pull him out.

Abbey’s Road

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Abigail Russell, or Abbey, an AG Bell intern and a Leadership Opportunities for Teens (LOFT) graduate, recently decided to get her first cochlear implant—at the age of 23. Born with a condition called Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct (EVA), which affects hearing in children, Abbey’s hearing fluctuated in and out for the first few years, although she says she could usually hear.

Magic Ears

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My 13-year-old daughter, Harper, is a tenacious and determined teen. She has possessed gusto since the moment she entered the world, which is what led her to publish a children’s book about hearing loss.

The Perfect Vision

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Jack McConnell describes the kid-version of himself as “a basic, bland kid who liked his comic books,” but he is anything but basic or bland. At age 11, he started his own nonprofit called 20/20 Hearing, directed at funding audiology equipment and services for people who needed them.

A Star is Born

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Our son, Phoenix, is a born artist. He has always been passionate about film and television. He has a mature sense of analyzing film as an art and dives deep into each genre. He watches and researches all types of film—foreign, classics, the ‘80’s, etc.—and loves to be challenged about the medium.

LOFT in the Time of Coronavirus

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Yet another of AG Bell’s annual highlights, the Leadership Opportunities for Teens (LOFT), remained unthwarted by the pandemic this July. Though the event moved online, it still brought together teenagers who are deaf and hard of hearing from around the country…

Planning for School During COVID-19

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The school district in St. Augustine, Florida, where Tina Morris lives is providing synchronous teaching for families who choose online. Initially, the plan was for Morris’ son—who is deaf or hard of hearing and wears cochlear implants—to log into each class period every day…

Why I Contribute to AG Bell: John Stanton

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John Stanton serves on AG Bell’s Board of Directors. As a lawyer, he has advocated for AG Bell in a variety of legal matters. He served as AG Bell’s counsel in court cases impacting the rights of people who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as more generally for people with disabilities.

AG Bell’s Internship Experience

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Every summer, AG Bell welcomes four interns to work alongside its staff to experience how a nonprofit works, to learn about the AG Bell community, and to provide support for its functions and events.

A Global Virtual Learning Experience

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Nearly 900 people from 40 countries representing all six inhabited continents participated in the AG Bell Global Virtual Listening and Spoken Language Symposium, July 9-10. Attendees came together in a virtual learning environment to hear from leaders in the field of listening and spoken language through a variety of online learning formats.

Graduating During a Pandemic

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Recent graduates who are deaf and hard of hearing have faced unique challenges as members of the Class of 2020 during COVID-19. High school and college seniors have missed out on traditions they’ve looked forward to and earned, including graduation.

How Infants Learn Language: Part I

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Statistical learning is a foundational ability to detect regularities in the natural world. It means developing a sensitivity to distributional and statistical regularities in the environment. Newborns are known to be statistical learners in that they can decipher and recognize patterns from information presented to them.

Volta Voices Goes Digital

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Welcome to the new, faster, mightier, digitized Volta Voices! Our online format will only differ in platform and presentation from our retired print version, but we will continue to bring you high-quality reporting and writing from our award-winning team.